[CentOS] Where to look or command

Mark Belanger mark_belanger at ltx.com
Fri Nov 25 15:58:12 UTC 2005

Sam Drinkard wrote:
> List,
>    I've got a process(s) that have been exiting on a signal 11, but not 
> all the time.  I suspect it's memory related, and I was wondering, is 
> there any way to tell exactly how much memory a particular process has 
> in use at the point it sigsev's ?  I can't sit here and watch top or the 
> system monitor, but thought maybe something might be saved somewhere 
> after the fact.  The processes are using at the moment, 1.4gb of memory 
> and no swap.  I've not seen swap go active during any of this process 
> run, and the machine has 2 GB memory installed.  Rather hard to trace 
> down the exact activity when it happens.

After the process starts, strace it:
strace -p `ps -ef |grep YourProc |grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`


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