[CentOS] Is lsdev AWOL?

Josh Kelley joshkel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 21:08:07 UTC 2005

On 11/26/05, Jerry W. Hubbard <hubbardjw at charter.net> wrote:
> I was looking at my newly installed CentOS 4.2 system with ls* commands
> yesterday and lsdev was not on the system.
> Did I miss installing a package? A Google search for CentOS 4.2 and
> lsdev was unhelpful.

lsdev is part of the procinfo package, which doesn't appear to be
provided with any version of RHEL or CentOS.  However, it is included
with Fedora, so you should be able to take the procinfo SRPM from
Fedora Core 3 or 4 and rebuild it for CentOS 4.2.

FYI, an easy way to check for which package provides what (rather than
using Google) is
yum provides lsdev

Josh Kelley

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