[CentOS] why was LILO removed from centOS 4.2?

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Wed Nov 30 15:27:17 UTC 2005

Quoting "Ulrik S. Kofod" <usk at cybersite.dk>:

> I can't choose LILO as boot loader anymore in the install process? 
> And what is the
> advantages in GRUP vs. LILO that are so great that LILO has been deleted all
> together?

It is still there, but not selectable from GUI.  Most likely it is going to be
removed in future versions of RH distributions (and therefore from 
CentOS too).
You can still use "bootloader --useLilo" option in ks.cfg file (for automated
KickStart installations).  Other option is to install LILO RPM (hm, 3rd CD I
think) after the GUI installation finishes, delete Grub RPM, create
/etc/lilo.conf and run /sbin/lilo.

Do note that there is no LILO in x86_64 distribution.  Only in i386
distribution.  I'm affraid for x86_64 you'll have to use Grub.  I haven't
attempted installing LILO RPM from i386 distribution onto x86_64.  It *might*

> One big disadvantages when forced to use GRUB is that it is a hassle 
> to make the
> disks in a RAID1 bootable.
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2005-March/msg05935.html

Hmmm...  that article sounds familiar ;-)

> and RAID1 seems pretty useless when it is the only bootable disk that fails.
> can someone come up with a nice one-liner that will make GRUB 
> "global" like LILO is
> out-of-the-box ? or is ther a parameter you can give?

No one-liners here.  But there's that two-liner in the above referenced 

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