[CentOS] why was LILO removed from centOS 4.2?

Ulrik S. Kofod usk at cybersite.dk
Wed Nov 30 15:51:44 UTC 2005

Aleksandar Milivojevic sagde:
> Quoting "Ulrik S. Kofod" <usk at cybersite.dk>:
> It is still there, but not selectable from GUI.  Most likely it is going to be
> removed in future versions of RH distributions (and therefore from
> CentOS too).

Will groub ever be able to boot RAID1 (from any disk in the array by default) ?  I
hate when something that works get's replaced with something "smart". And I still
havent seen an answer to why grub is so great, to me it seems like it doesn't really
work as booting pretty much is the main attaction in boot loaders.

> No one-liners here.  But there's that two-liner in the above referenced
> article
> ;-)

Well a two-liner for each disk that has to be typed into the grub thingy, no fun
when running RAID1 with 2 spares, can't this be put into a script?


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