[CentOS] Motherboards

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Tue Oct 4 15:19:03 UTC 2005

Often had issues with S-M boards, they are tuned to get the best 
benchmark results which in my experience made them less reliable.  Asus 
boards go a similar route to..

My firm favourite, through experience alone, is MSI..


Sam Drinkard wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience with Super-Micro brand motherboards // 
> dual Xeon cpu's?  Had to swap out my Tyan piece of junk and going back 
> with the S-M board.  I believe it has similar north/southbridge chips 
> on it -- at least they are the intel MCH ICH5R and PXH plus the 
> 82546GB.  One area that the Tyan board was seriously lacking in was in 
> the hardware monitoring department.  The S-M board uses a winbond 
> 83627HF chip.  Another area I'm wondering about is with the SATA 
> controller.  Supposedly the ICH5R supports Raid 0, 1, and JBOD's, but 
> does CentOS handle the sata raid without difficulty?
> Tnx..

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