[CentOS] Lost my menu options again - KDE messes with Gnome?

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Tue Oct 4 15:21:02 UTC 2005

> Well the redhat-menus provide defaults for both KDE and Gnome,
> presumably as part of the unified Bluecurve look and feel?

So there is some connection, then?

> Are both /etc/X11/starthere/preferences.desktop and
> /etc/xdg/menus/preferences.menu present?

Both present. I opened them in a text editor, but was unable to discern
anything useful about them with my newbie eyes.

> I wonder if one of those
> packages has modified them and the reinstall is just creating .rpmnew
> files rather than replacing the defaults you want?

That sounds like a good theory. If they were modified, I can't tell how.
Any way I could test this theory?

> Is there anything suspicious in your ~/Desktop/ (check for .dot files too).

No hidden files, and nothing that I can identify as odd. Seems to me
that everything in my Desktop directory are documents and video files
that I'm currently working on, nothing to do with system settings.

As ever, I should qualify all of my observations with the fact that, as
a newbie, I may have missed the obvious.


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