[CentOS] OpenIPMI on a SunFire v20z

David Thompson thomas at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 5 12:17:11 UTC 2005

Tom Lanyon wrote:
>Hi all,

Hi Tom.

>First issue was trying to install the openipmi RPM from the CD that came
>with the SunFires, this RPM installs the source for the openipmi kernel
>drivers and then builds them as kernel modules. First I had to get the
>kernel source installed (i used the kernel SRPM to install, then did an
>rpmbuild to create the patched source directory), however I'm now
>receiving a whole bunch of errors whilst trying to compile the IPMI
>driver 'ipmi_devintf_src.c' file because of what looks to be
>incompatibilities with the kernel.

If all you needed to do was build kernel module(s), installing the appropriate kernel-devel package (kernel-devel, kernel-smp-devel, etc.) would be alot less work than building from the SRPM.


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