[CentOS] Re: Lost my menu options again - KDE messes with Gnome?

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Oct 7 13:13:10 UTC 2005

Dave Gutteridge wrote:
>>Bingo.  I've pointed that out in this thread too.  I guess Dave missed it.

> Not so much missed it as didn't understand it. I mean, where do I get
> Quanta from if not the kde-redhat menu?
I assume you meant kde-redhat repo.  I know of no other repo providing 

> Or, how do I get my previous menu without losing Quanta?

Downgrade to CentOS's stock redhat-menus rpm.

(assuming you have the rpm handy, and/or have downloaded it already):
rpm -Uvh --oldpackage redhat-menus-3.7.1-2.noarch.rpm

-- Rex

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