[CentOS] Re: Lost my menu options again - KDE messes with Gnome?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Oct 7 15:19:00 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 08:13 -0500, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Dave Gutteridge wrote:
> >>Bingo.  I've pointed that out in this thread too.  I guess Dave missed it.
> > Not so much missed it as didn't understand it. I mean, where do I get
> > Quanta from if not the kde-redhat menu?
>                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I assume you meant kde-redhat repo.  I know of no other repo providing 
> quanta.
> > Or, how do I get my previous menu without losing Quanta?
> Downgrade to CentOS's stock redhat-menus rpm.
> (assuming you have the rpm handy, and/or have downloaded it already):
> rpm -Uvh --oldpackage redhat-menus-3.7.1-2.noarch.rpm
but if he has kde-redhat repo configured in yum.repos.d, then he has the
'opportunity' to relive this experience time and again. He really needs
to disable or remove the repo from his configuration as it appears
evident that the dirty work is somewhat automatic.


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