[CentOS] intel dual core processors and new kernel packages

Nick centos at nvworld.net
Sat Oct 8 03:21:50 UTC 2005

Well I tried to run 4.1 on a CeleronD with an Intel SE7221BA1-E board. I
don't have the exact error to hand, but I had to give up on it. Would run
for half an hour or so then panic. 

May give it a try again with this new kernel. Has it been released for
Centos yet?


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I've just got bunch of RHEL4 erratas (looks like U2 is out).  Looking at the
kernel errata (kernel-2.6.9-22.EL), one of the things in list of new
is "Intel dual core support".

What does this exactly means?  Does it mean if I have dual core pentium
processor and use older kernel that it will use only one core, and I need
kernel to use both cores?  Or is it only something cosmetical (like updated
output for /proc/cpuinfo)?  Looking at the bug 167412, it looks more like
later.  Anybody outthere running Pentium D or Pentium extreme with

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