Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Mon Oct 10 14:15:49 UTC 2005

Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, the readings I get from sensors 
after those commands is nowhere even close to what some of the voltages 
should be.  Core voltages are showing 4.08v and should be 1.3v.  Lots of 
the others are way out as well, and temps are off, but higher than the 
actual hardware monitors in the bios show.  I guess that is where all 
the different lines come into play in the sensors.conf file.  There are 
just too many options to try to figure out which chip is doing what, 
especially with 3 or 4 different chips on the motherboard.  I would have 
thought that some of the major mobo manufacturers would have written 
some kind of hardware monitor for linux, but guess not.  Looks like I'll 
just have to dig into the /etc/sensors.conf and try to find the chip 
that works best, then set the highs and lows.  Trouble with that is with 
the readings that are shown, nothing will be in spec.  Any more 
suggestions before I screw things up ? :-)


Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:

>up2date lm_sensors
>lots of Enter...
>chkconfig --level 2345 lm_sensors on
>service lm_sensors start
>That works for me, probably it should work for you too.
>A good day to everyone,
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