[CentOS] Compile error

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Mon Oct 10 21:28:10 UTC 2005


    Actually, there is little to do other than link this mess.  The C 
compile is working OK, and so is the fortran part of the compile.  Just 
the link blows up.  There is no makefile either, so no way to clean 
anything.  The pkg is part of a set of scripts put out by ucar.edu for 
viewing meteorlogical model output with NCL/NCAR Graphics.  For more 
info, the url of what is needed is:  

    As for the file, it's a 64-bit elf LSB relocatable for AMD x86_64 
not stripped (sysV).  I think it might take one of the 32 bit libs that 
I don't have on this 64-bit machine, or so I've been told.  If it would 
build on a 32, I just wonder if it would be usable on here?

Joe Landman wrote:

> Hi Sam:
>   Some library somewhere is using a different ABI than you expect.  Do a
>     file wrf_user_fortran_util_0.o
> and against any of the shared/static objects you are linking against. 
> Make sure you have the right -L options.  I got this when I had a 
> stale build of something. I had to rebuild the application after 
> cleaning out the old libs/objects (a simple make clean often helps).
> Joe


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