[CentOS] Compile error

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Oct 10 21:35:52 UTC 2005

Hi Sam:

   Does this http://www.pgroup.com/resources/wrf/wrfv2_pgi52.htm help 
any?  I know it is for 5.2, but similar things may apply.


Sam Drinkard wrote:
> Joe,
>    Actually, there is little to do other than link this mess.  The C 
> compile is working OK, and so is the fortran part of the compile.  Just 
> the link blows up.  There is no makefile either, so no way to clean 
> anything.  The pkg is part of a set of scripts put out by ucar.edu for 
> viewing meteorlogical model output with NCL/NCAR Graphics.  For more 
> info, the url of what is needed is:  
> http://box.mmm.ucar.edu/mm5/WRF_post/NCL.htm.
>    As for the file, it's a 64-bit elf LSB relocatable for AMD x86_64 not 
> stripped (sysV).  I think it might take one of the 32 bit libs that I 
> don't have on this 64-bit machine, or so I've been told.  If it would 
> build on a 32, I just wonder if it would be usable on here?
> Joe Landman wrote:
>> Hi Sam:
>>   Some library somewhere is using a different ABI than you expect.  Do a
>>     file wrf_user_fortran_util_0.o
>> and against any of the shared/static objects you are linking against. 
>> Make sure you have the right -L options.  I got this when I had a 
>> stale build of something. I had to rebuild the application after 
>> cleaning out the old libs/objects (a simple make clean often helps).
>> Joe

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