[CentOS] Can't access files at localhost

Alexandru E. Ungur alexandru at globalterrasoft.ro
Tue Oct 11 15:42:03 UTC 2005

>>> sender: "Dave Gutteridge" date: "Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 12:14:41AM +0900" <<<EOQ
> I've created a symlink inside my /var/www/html/ folder called "web",
> which is points to a my /home/dave/web directory.
> Inside that directory, I created a folder for my web site called
> "website".
> I thought I should be able to access that web site through FireFox by
> going to either:
> httpd://localhost/web/website
> ... or:
> http://localhost/web/website
> ... but I just get errors. It says that httpd is not a registered
> protocol, and the connection to localhost/web/website was refused.
> Am I not addressing these sites correctly? Have I muddled the directory
> trees or http protocols somehow?

First of all, these are not CentOS specific questions... but it's an unmodarated list,
so let's get over that.
Second, unless you have created your own protocol called "httpd" there is NO
protocol (that I know of) called that way. Just because http:// didn't give the 
desired result it's not a reason to start appending all the letters of the alphabet 
to it...
You know, there is a manual for Apache... in quite a lot of languages too:
    The server will follow symbolic links in this directory."

The server must be configured to allow symlinks to be followed.
That's all the mistery.


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