[CentOS] Can't access files at localhost

Matt Hyclak hyclak at math.ohiou.edu
Tue Oct 11 15:17:40 UTC 2005

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 12:14:41AM +0900, Dave Gutteridge enlightened us:
> I've created a symlink inside my /var/www/html/ folder called "web",
> which is points to a my /home/dave/web directory.
> Inside that directory, I created a folder for my web site called
> "website".
> I thought I should be able to access that web site through FireFox by
> going to either:
> httpd://localhost/web/website
> ... or:
> http://localhost/web/website
> ... but I just get errors. It says that httpd is not a registered
> protocol, and the connection to localhost/web/website was refused.
> Am I not addressing these sites correctly? Have I muddled the directory
> trees or http protocols somehow?
> Just to be clear, the directory with all the html and php files is:
> /home/dave/web/website
> The symlink is:
> /var/www/html/web

http://localhost/web/website should do it. If you get connection refused, it
means Apache probably isn't running.

"service httpd status" will tell you. If it's not started, you can start it
with "service httpd start" and to make sure it starts at reboot run
"chkconfig httpd on" (the last 2 will have to be run as root).


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