[CentOS] (no subject) -- re-subscribe my IEEE with NO posting privileges

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Wed Oct 12 13:35:28 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 08:01 -0500, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 10:34 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> > Bryan,
> > One of these days you will wake up and realise that the whole world is 
> > really not out to get to.
> It was a *JOKE*!
> I've made 2 posts in a month -- one that finally address a serious
> tangent (and many people thanked me off-list) -- and this one, just to
> make a little fun of the situation.  I *KNOW* several people got a laugh
> out of the second one, and the first one was _sorely_needed_ when a
> "switched from RHEL back to Windows Server" article and resulting thread
> was looking like a lot of "Linux infighting" and "Red Hat bashing."  I
> like to think I made a very careful technical analysis and post on that
> one.
> *NOW* considering I help 4-5 people *OFF-LIST* PER *DAY* -- outside the
> arrogant non-sense of your "off-topic" and, in many cases, "very mean
> spirited 'help'" -- I do *NOT* think the "whole world is out to get me."
> In fact, I just think about a dozen people hear just like to focus on
> _others_ instead of themselves (yourself included ;-).
> > Till then, if you have a point to prove, feel free to do so offlist,
> > as you had said you would - For now, I am unsubscribing your email
> > address's here.
> I already unsubscribed my "Yahoo" address right after I sent the
> message.  That keeps me from posting except when I want to.  Just like I
> am doing with this message.
> Now you had *BETTER* put my "IEEE" address _back_ on-list with no
> posting privileges.  That way I can help people off-list.  There have
> already been about 5 posts in the last 2-3 weeks that *NO*ONE* answered
> on-list, but I did off-list.  *THINK* of the people *I*DO* help.
> And not of you're "I can't stand this Bryan Smith buy, even though he's
> only posted 2 times in the last month, and he only made 1 joke."
> > Your one post here just added to the thread, that I did ask to be left 
> > alone.
> I'm not asking you to explain your motives, they are already considered
> "unobjective" by many.  I do find that I've made no less than a half-
> dozen _CentOS_-specific posts in the past you've labelled off-topic.
> Furthermore, you've taken the arrogant stance that I'm a "Fedora-only"
> guy and not an "enterprise administrator."
> Sounds like someone had an "ego problem" to me.  But if I give my
> background, I'm "flaunting my resume."  So what's it going to be?  Your
> continued assumption that I only do Fedora and don't know how to deal
> with "enterprise" networks?  Or will you let your ego finally go?
> No offense, but your continued arrogance and self-appointed "I know
> what's right for the group" is growing tiresome.  It would be one thing
> if you were objective.  But you've smashed _good_ technical threads that
> _do_ have CentOS clearly in focus.  You've belittled technical details
> you don't understand (e.g., Firefox.i386 on Red Hat.x86-64 distros), and
> the intelligence of others.
> That's why I help people *OFF-LIST*.  It's not worth it.
> > For everyone on this thead :
> > I am also unsubscribing the other moron who argued this list is 
> > unmoderated so do as you please. Goto Usenet if its usenet you want. And 
> > if its humour you want, there are other places to get it.
> Take away my IEEE posting privileges -- I don't mind that at all.  And
> that's why I only subscribe my Yahoo or Earthlink account to my 1 post
> every 2-3 weeks.  I did it on 9/29 on the Red Hat thread.  I did it
> again yesterday just to make a joke.  Com'mon -- 2 posts in a month!
> So you have *NO*RIGHT* to keep me from being a "read-only" list member.
> I have far too many people *OFF-LIST*!
> > We dont have strict Topic guidelines, but I dont consider it 
> > unreasonable to maintain some Topic sanity. Everyone has had their 
> > laugh, Dave has said that the post was in error, now lets drop this.
> But apparently my _single_post_ was "too much to take" for you?
> You're a personally-vindictive, *UNPROFESSIONAL* individual, and I'm
> personally and professionally tired of it.
not wishing to make this a referendum on Bryan, Karanbir or anyone else,
it's obvious that one of the primary effects of attempts to moderate, by
anyone, accelerates/exacerbates the problem - having exactly the
opposite of the intended effect.

In essence, we have a situation where everyone is both right and wrong.

The founders of the American Constitution recognized that strength came
from the expression of ideas and that those in power should not be able
to control or silence their opponents/detractors as that weakened the
country. I pretty much feel that the same happens here as well - that
CentOS is weakened by heavy handed attempts to silence those whose
opinions we don't like. We all have filters and delete buttons. List
owners of course have the option to knock people out but are almost
always wisest not to use that power except when absolutely necessary and
I'm quite certain that it hadn't reached that state.


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