[CentOS] (no subject) -- re-subscribe my IEEE with NO posting privileges

Tom admin at homemachine.net
Wed Oct 12 13:49:40 UTC 2005

Craig White wrote:

> ----
> not wishing to make this a referendum on Bryan, Karanbir or anyone else,
> it's obvious that one of the primary effects of attempts to moderate, by
> anyone, accelerates/exacerbates the problem - having exactly the
> opposite of the intended effect.
> In essence, we have a situation where everyone is both right and wrong.
> The founders of the American Constitution recognized that strength came
> from the expression of ideas and that those in power should not be able
> to control or silence their opponents/detractors as that weakened the
> country. I pretty much feel that the same happens here as well - that
> CentOS is weakened by heavy handed attempts to silence those whose
> opinions we don't like. We all have filters and delete buttons. List
> owners of course have the option to knock people out but are almost
> always wisest not to use that power except when absolutely necessary and
> I'm quite certain that it hadn't reached that state.
> Craig

not at all, this stupid thread started from a blank email (a mistake) 
that needed NO response from anyone nor should it be continued.
we get enough junk in our mailboxes as it is don't you think!

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