[CentOS] Updates not catching up ?

Syv Ritch centos at 911networks.com
Thu Oct 13 01:41:33 UTC 2005

mbneto wrote:
> The faq from the centos.org site mentions something like 72 hrs (or
> less) from one security update to goes from the sources.rpm from rh to
> centos.

CentOS is made, for free, by a group of volunteers. They 
generously donate their time, their computers and their bandwidth 
to the community at large, for which I profusely thank them.

If you need the top service of RedHat, which I also thank for not 
only developing a great product but making possible to have 
CentOS and others, then you can subscribe to RedHat carpet service.

When the network has to work Cisco/Microsoft

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