[CentOS] Updates not catching up ?

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Thu Oct 13 11:44:29 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 11:15 +0100, Filianx wrote:
> I would just like to point out that usually updates are received
> within 72 hours or less!!
> CentOS 4 U2 , this will be a major job for Johnny and the other
> guys,but I have no doubt it will be up to their usual high standard.
> Perhaps i have read this and recent posts incorrectly....folks seem to
> be complaining about a product they get for free and probably do not
> contribute towards....perhaps some perspective is required and less
> neediness?
> Just my thoughts
> Great job guys!!

Thanks ...

The faq states that normal releases of security errata will be within 72
hours and that update sets (like EL4 update 2) will be completed within
2 weeks ... 


Updates that did not include dependencies from the Bugfix and
Enhancement packages included in the update 2 update set were released
within 72 hours ... the others are rolled into the 4.2 update (the aka -
update 2 release set).  2 weeks will be 19 October (6 days from now).

We are well within the guidelines stated.

See how long it takes for the other rebuild projects to release a
bootable ISO and all the updates for the el4 update 2 release cycle :)

Then see how many do that for 6 different arches {that would be zero} :)

Our announcement will follow shortly for all our arches (i386, x86_64,
s390, s390x, ia64, alpha) and the el4 update 2 set.

Our mirrors are currently buried ... as one would expect when syncing
out 6 arches for CentOS-4.2 and some of he CentOS-3.6 tree as well.  It
may take 1 to 2 days for this to become available on all mirrors.

Many thanks go out to the whole CentOS-4 development team for all the
hard work and testing to get all these arches out a week early ...
thanks Karanbir and Pasi.

Johnny Hughes
CentOS-4 Lead Developer
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