[CentOS] Updates not catching up ?

Alexandru E. Ungur alexandru at globalterrasoft.ro
Thu Oct 13 12:32:21 UTC 2005

>>> sender: "Johnny Hughes" date: "Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 06:44:29AM -0500" <<<EOQ
> [..]
> Many thanks go out to the whole CentOS-4 development team for all the
> hard work and testing to get all these arches out a week early ...
> thanks Karanbir and Pasi.

I just wanted to say to the whole CentOS development team: thank you!, 
for the great job you are doing with CentOS. It's a really fine distro
and your work is really great. It's the only reason I came back to the
.rpm world... All the respect for Fedora too, but that just wasn't a
distro to put on a server... so I left Redhat like distros for about
two years, and didn't look back. Not until I found CentOS :)
Great job! GREAT!

Thank you,

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