[CentOS] Anyone use fetchmail for multiple users?

Bill Baird Bill.Baird at phoenixmi.com
Thu Oct 13 14:10:32 UTC 2005

> Might have to scrap using fetchmail. It's not getting mail in 
> daemon mode for me. And for my wife's account it's actually 
> getting the email over and over for her each time since she 
> has the "keep" flag. I have the keep flag too, but for some 
> reason I only get the email once. Anyone know of a better 
> alternative that's relatively easy to setup?
> Preston
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It is possible that it is her mail server.  I have a few users that have AOL mail forwarded to our domain, and we originally tried using the keep flag, but the AOL server won't support it(pretty sure they limit what you can modify on their IMAP server).  If she isn't using AOL, you could ask about her server's settings...

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