[CentOS] Good book on setting up procmail/spamassassin?

Dan Pritts danno at internet2.edu
Fri Oct 14 14:07:48 UTC 2005

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 02:46:26PM -0700, Preston Crawford wrote:
> Actually what I probably need now is a good book on overall Linux
> administration so I can tighten up procmail and my apache setup to use 443
> only. 

The best generic system administration book for linux that i know is
"linux system administration handbook" by nemeth, hein, et al.  

they have a "unix system administration handbook" which is similar and
covers various unix flavors and i think some linux distro is one of them.

> this will help. I still need a little procmail reference, though, so I can
> get it to filter out email from certain lists or from certain people.

A good first reference is the "procmailex" man page (ex meaning

For dead trees, I haven't read it, but there's this:


also, this web site looks pretty good:


drop me a note off-list if you need further help.   The procmail
syntax is somewhat baroque but the 90/10 rule applies.

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