[CentOS] prevent kernel module from loading during kickstart

Sean O'Connell oconnell at soe.ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 14 20:09:58 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 01:06 -0700, Fong Vang wrote:
> On 10/13/05, Sudev Barar <sbarar at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 10/14/05, Fong Vang <sudoyang at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > What's the easiest way to disable a kernel module during kickstart?
> > > Is there a syslinux command that could be passed in to prevent a
> > > module from loading?
> >
> > Add an entry into /etc/hotplug/blacklist
> >
> > Is that what you were looking for?
> Not really. I have a motherboard with 2 NICs of different brand.  When
> trying to kick with CentOS 4.1, these interfaces appear in different
> order at various stages of kickstart (mainly pxelinux and Linux
> kernel).  Unfortunately, the BIOS does not have the option to disable
> the interfaces (nor does it have the option to choose which NIC to do
> pxeboot).
> It would be nice if one could just tell Linux/Anaconda to not load a
> particular kernel module.

You could try forcing the interface to be used during the pxe boot by
adding ksdevice=eth1 this would force it to use the interface that will
be eth0 in the other phase.


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