[CentOS] yum issues

Kai Sandsengen centos.newsgroup at sandsengen.com
Sat Oct 15 10:15:02 UTC 2005

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Guys ... I apologize, but our mirrors are just absolutely maxed out.  
> We have served 2.26 TB (bytes not bits) in the last 24 hours ... which
> is 5x our normal traffic.
> We are working on a way to use mirrorlist= so that we don't have this
> kind of problem in the future.  (I know this has it's own issues, but it
> is something we need to do)
> We also need more donated mirrors ... if you are an ISP who is making
> tons of money using CentOS, we could use a dedicated server donation :)
> There is a list of public, external mirrors that have CentOS as well ...
> it is available here that might not have as much traffic:
> http://www.centos.org/mirrors/
> Otherwise, to use mirror.centos.org, the only possibility is to wait a
> day or so more.
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> Johnny Hughes
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I have changed both my up2date and yum repo, but there are no updates, 
when storing the new repo in sources the icon changes to no updates, can 
someone explain please.

This is my base change in sources,

#yum centos4-Base http://mirror.centos.org/centos/4/os/$ARCH/
yum centos4-Base 

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