[CentOS] Upgrade=Broken x86_64

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Tue Oct 18 18:22:55 UTC 2005

A bit more info:  I discover I can execute the script as root, but not 
as my normal user self.  SElinux is off, and as far as I know no other 
security devices are on.  Whatever changed is affecting this and 
probably more, but have not had time to see what else got broken.

Sam Drinkard wrote:

> I just completed the upgrade of everything, and after a reboot, I have 
> got some broken software.  I am getting error messages from the NCAR 
> command language that "Specified Workstation is NOT Open.  In 
> addition, a system call to opngks_() could not open 
> "wrf_mass_plots.ncgm" which is the file it needs to read to produce 
> the metafile. 
> What changed that would cause software to think the workstation is not 
> open?
> Next question.. is it possible to undo the upgrade, or would I be 
> better off doing a clean install of system files should this breakage 
> not be repairable with simplicity?
> Sam
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