[CentOS] Upgrade=Broken x86_64

Tony Schreiner schreian at bc.edu
Tue Oct 18 18:24:33 UTC 2005

On Oct 18, 2005, at 2:09 PM, Sam Drinkard wrote:

> I just completed the upgrade of everything, and after a reboot, I  
> have got some broken software.  I am getting error messages from  
> the NCAR command language that "Specified Workstation is NOT Open.   
> In addition, a system call to opngks_() could not open  
> "wrf_mass_plots.ncgm" which is the file it needs to read to produce  
> the metafile.
> What changed that would cause software to think the workstation is  
> not open?
> Next question.. is it possible to undo the upgrade, or would I be  
> better off doing a clean install of system files should this  
> breakage not be repairable with simplicity?
> Sam
> _______________________________________________

  I'm guessing you are talking about the NCAR graphics system. How  
was this software installed? It's not any kind of CentOS package that  
I am aware of (could be wrong though).

I think you need to examine the error returns of your function calls  
more closely. In GKS,  a workstation is a general term for a graphics  
device, and in your case, it looks like the metafile is the graphics  
device. You need to find out why it is unable to open the file.


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