[CentOS] yum update in background

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Wed Oct 19 17:53:25 UTC 2005

} >
} Use screen.
} http://jmcpherson.org/screen.html
} http://gentoo-wiki.com/TIP_Using_screen

im following your theory on recommendation yet not following based upon my
scenario right now.

maybe i should clarify...

i am ssh'ing into a bash shell on a CentOS 4.1 server at a datacenter. it is
just a backup dns server and so if i lose after a reboot, ill be ok.

my access connection can go up and down at times so i was hoping that i
could do a 

yum -y update &

and later just come back and reboot it into 4.2

good idea or not? if not, please explain and thanks

if i have to, ill install screen, yet will this simple yum update idea

 - rh

Robert Hanson - Abba Communications
Computer & Internet Services 

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