[CentOS] Can't install CentOS4 [SOLVED]

Ajay Sharma ssharma at revsharecorp.com
Thu Oct 20 15:13:11 UTC 2005

John Hinton wrote:
> Ajay Sharma wrote:
>> John Hinton wrote:
>> I fixed my problem by booting with "linux agp=off".  That's how I got 
>> the kernel to ignore AGP and start up.  I still haven't gone through 
>> the full install, that's a project for this weekend.  I imagine that 
>> I'll have to add the agp=off string to the grub bootloader line.
> Now I'm curious.. :) Does this machine have a AGP slot? Or onboard 
> video? Is it an old or new box? Anaconda does seem pretty headstrong 
> about finding an AGP interface.

It's a dual P3-1Ghz box, so it's fairly old.  Here's the motherboard:


And the video card is an onboard "ATI RageXL 8MB PCI Graphic Controller".


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