[CentOS] Can't install CentOS4 [SOLVED]

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Thu Oct 20 14:55:06 UTC 2005

Ajay Sharma wrote:

> John Hinton wrote:
> I fixed my problem by booting with "linux agp=off".  That's how I got 
> the kernel to ignore AGP and start up.  I still haven't gone through 
> the full install, that's a project for this weekend.  I imagine that 
> I'll have to add the agp=off string to the grub bootloader line.
Now I'm curious.. :) Does this machine have a AGP slot? Or onboard 
video? Is it an old or new box? Anaconda does seem pretty headstrong 
about finding an AGP interface.

I 'really' hate to say this... and really I guess I'm spoiled a bit, but 
darn if Anaconda isn't getting more finicky than winblows. Then again, 
years ago... a linux install could sometime require a sacrifice of your 
first child... and there wasn't much support for any peripherals beyond 
the 'most' common printers.. (about 3 of them IIRC). Seems we've peaked 
with ease of install and are on a downward path again. But, in all 
fairness, we 'know' what's happening at boot.. have a way to fix issues. 
Sometimes I think windows if full of 'work-a-arounds' that lets the 
machine run without using <insert fancy fast hardware name here>. And 
the manufactures all know they must do windows drivers.

One of my DL380s... a dual 666 ran just fine on 4.0 and then wouldn't 
boot in smp after I think the first kernel upgrade. The single processor 
mode ran fine. I added apm=off noapic to grub... and dual mode now works 
fine. It just seems a bit odd that what was supported is suddenly gone. 
I guess they work really hard to keep the kernel size down or something 
and older device support gets removed. But gee, on the upside, it sure 
was 'easy' to fix!!!

John Hinton

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