[CentOS] Which imapd?

Security security at air-austral.com
Mon Oct 24 06:37:50 UTC 2005

Morten wrote:

> Hi. What imapd can you recommend for minimum configuration and
> maintenance (no Cyrus)? This is for a small shop, so no hard
> performance requirements.
> I'd prefer one where I don't have to build my own packages (no
> Courier, unless packages exist).
> Thanks.
> Morten

Courier is the default imapd server on Gralinux AS 3, so there is rpms
for it.
You can intall the last Centos3 on your server and take the
courier-imapd rpm from gralinux here ->

For informations, this version is in production from 335 days ago (the
process of courier-imap ais 335 days old) and
there is 20 users.
Accounts size is near 1.5 Go per user, so .. maybe it's a good way to
use courier-imap ??


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