[CentOS] Which imapd?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Oct 24 09:40:54 UTC 2005

Morten wrote:
> Hi. What imapd can you recommend for minimum configuration and 
> maintenance (no Cyrus)? This is for a small shop, so no hard performance 
> requirements.

If you want something easy - use dovecot. yum install it and it just 
works out of the box with very little config required. If you want 
something with a great feature set, excellent performance and near zero 
admin - try Cyrus-Imapd. And in relative terms its much much easier to 
setup than Courier, considering its just a straight yum install.

Since you did not specify it, I presume you are using CentOS 4.

- K
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