[CentOS] Which imapd?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Oct 24 10:12:16 UTC 2005

jean-sebastien Hubert wrote:
> Why say that cyrus-imapd is a near zero admin ??
> It's far the hardest imap/pop3 to configure, and if you want for exemple
> add mysql feature (to store user account); take 30 L of coffee, some
> anti-depressive medics and go :)

I run cyrus-imapd, have done so for years. I do find it near zero admin. 
If you want mysql backend support, use via pam_mysqld, takes all of 
about 2 minutes to setup. It usually takes me longer to get postfix 
setup and running against the mysql hosted userlist than cyrus.

And acquisition of the app does not get easier than yum installing it 
out of the base repo, with the assurance of it being supported within 
the distro framework.

perhaps I should say 'does not need excessive admin, nothing more than 
what you would expect with any imapd'

- KB
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