[CentOS] Which imapd?

jean-sebastien Hubert security at air-austral.com
Mon Oct 24 10:23:53 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> jean-sebastien Hubert wrote:
>> Why say that cyrus-imapd is a near zero admin ??
>> It's far the hardest imap/pop3 to configure, and if you want for exemple
>> add mysql feature (to store user account); take 30 L of coffee, some
>> anti-depressive medics and go :)
> I run cyrus-imapd, have done so for years. I do find it near zero
> admin. If you want mysql backend support, use via pam_mysqld, takes
> all of about 2 minutes to setup. It usually takes me longer to get
> postfix setup and running against the mysql hosted userlist than cyrus.
I have a cyrus-imapd to admin (with mysql, postfix) and .. the thing i
can say is: in the next 3 month, I will install courier to kick this
... of . (there is 500 accounts on this server)
Cyrus is very hard to install/configure/manage.

> And acquisition of the app does not get easier than yum installing it
> out of the base repo, with the assurance of it being supported within
> the distro framework.
> perhaps I should say 'does not need excessive admin, nothing more than
> what you would expect with any imapd'
> - KB

Maybe; the problem with cyrus is when you use it with mysql and postfix
.. you need to recompile so many stuff , and more you
modify your distrib, more it's hard to apply security updates.

Courier-imap is, when you compare, far easy to configure.


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