[CentOS] More than 1 gcc version?

Tom Brown tom.brown at goodtechnology.com
Mon Oct 24 15:36:11 UTC 2005

> Because its in the compat-gcc-32 package, not gcc package.  Try "rpm -ql
> compat-gcc-32 | grep bin".  The exe you want to use is gcc32.

yes sorry - I moved the origional gcc to another name to symlink gcc32 
to gcc to test a build but alas it still died. So i'm rather stuck now 
as the software is not mine and c hacking is not my fortei

Has anyone else ever managed to get aspseek to compile on a recent linux 
version? I have it running on 3.x but i need to upgrade the boxes to 4.x 
but also have this software run.

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