[CentOS] PostgeSQL 8.0.4 on CentOS4.2

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Wed Oct 26 19:11:39 UTC 2005

On 25 Oct 2005 at 15:11, Michael Best wrote:


> 1. DON'T USE nodeps
> It's because the binaries don't have libpq.so.3 (if I remember 
> correctly).  Installing it this way will just break those things that 
> need that library.
> Instead.... install the compat-postgresql-libs
> http://developer.postgresql.org/~devrim/rpms/compat/compat-postgresql-libs-3-3PGDG.i686.rpm

Another option might be to simply leave the original postgresql-libs-
7.x package installed.  On CentOS-3, at least, there's no conflict 
between rh-postgresql-libs-7.3.10-1 (which also provides libpq.so.3) 
and postgresql-libs-8.0.3-1PDG (built from PostgreSQL supplied SRPM).

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