[CentOS] Mail Server

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Sat Oct 29 01:49:24 UTC 2005

ijez wrote:

>After checking the link, I found that I need to compile most of the software that was use.. all I search for was something that was provided by CentOS `out-of-box` which will simplified the upgrade process by adding some repo and run `yum upgrade` without worrying that I could lost some step while compiling the source ( especially when there was a security fix and need to update urgently ). 
>Anyway, thanks for the links.. if what I was asking for is not provided by the CentOS 4.x by default then, I will brave myself to follow all those step. ( Anyway, CentOS was a server base distributions and I really wonder why it was not include all those setup which is common for someone who want to setup the email server these days )

I agree.  There is a working solution "right out of the box" with CentOS 
with either Postfix or Sendmail.  I honestly don't understand why a 
couple of folks keep mentioning DJB's software tools when people ask 
about mail systems for CentOS.  There is a reason those tools are not 
included with the distro.  Ijez, if you want to email me offline, I'll 
try to help get you up and running.


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