[CentOS] Re: useradd: unable to lock password file

roberth at abbacomm.net roberth at abbacomm.net
Thu Sep 1 04:39:51 UTC 2005

> Hi,
> Ok $200USD for anyone who can help me fix this now.... rebooted and it
> doesn't say the file is locked anymore... the useradd command just doesn't
> die or return anything and just sits there chewing data :(
> Man down.
> Nick

when you run the useradd, are you doing so as root or via another method?

then check these things as root

cd /
ls -axl

check to see if all directories, permissions and ownerships look right for
everything from the root dir

then check this file with vi or pico or more or whatever... :-)


all look ok there?

i always look in /tmp to see if there is any garbage lurking around
causing probs even if it isnt necessarily related to exactly what i am
looking for at that moment.

a few other things escape me at the moment as i am hungry. back inna few


 - rh

Robert Hanson
Abba Communications

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