[CentOS] Re: useradd: unable to lock password file

Andreas Rogge arogge at gmx.de
Thu Sep 1 16:43:57 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 01.09.2005, 15:40 +1000 schrieb Nick Bryant:
> If I just change that file will I need to restart anything? Sorry for the
> noob question but I'm a +60K user virgin. (The sub-dir 32K limit for home
> dirs was equally as big a learning curve ;o)

Hello Brian,

are you sure you want to go with /etc/passwd?
You're talking about >60k users. Maybe you should look at LDAP or an
equivalent solution. Especially if you are going to set up other
machines with large user-bases it will simplify management a lot. 
With LDAP you can manage users, groups, group-membership and the like in
a central directory. You can even configure sendmail, autofs and other
services to lookup data in the directory (which makes the whole thing -
at least imho - much easier and straightforward to manage).

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