[CentOS] Re: Cookbook receipe for SCSI tape install requested.

Ugo Bellavance ugob at camo-route.com
Tue Sep 6 19:44:23 UTC 2005

James B. Byrne wrote:
> I need to install an HP Surestore dlt on a Centos 4 machine and I 
> am at a loss as to how to proceed.  Can someone either provide or 
> point me to an online reference on how to proceed to add and 
> configure a SCSI adapter and tape drive.  I have read, but not 
> really understood, the man page entry for st.  Does kudzu handle 
> this?
> Regards,
> Jim

The tape drive should work out of the box, as long as your scsi adapter
is supported.

Connect your drive to the server, boot and look at the boot messages.
You can always do a 'dmesg' afterwards.  You should see your tape
detected there (or not).

Then, you can use mt to manipulate the tape, but to do backups, you're
more likely to use tar, cpio, or even mondorescue.

> I am a digest subscriber so the favour of an additional direct 
> reply is desired.
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