[CentOS] Some 3Ware questions

Peter Arremann loony at loonybin.org
Fri Sep 9 20:54:05 UTC 2005

On Friday 09 September 2005 16:45, Todd Cary wrote:
> Sean and Peter -
> If I was reading the correct specs, they said Linux up to RH 9.  It is
> compatible with Centos/RHEL?
> I may go with the 2-port version and just RAID two-80 GB drives and keep
> my 2-30 GB drives as extra storage.
> *** Can I pre install Centos on one of my 80 GB drives and after the
> controller arrives, plug the 2-80 GB drives into it and then mirror the
> drive?
> Todd

yes, they will work with the stock drivers - but for best performance and 
reliability you need to upgrade the firmware once the OS is installed. 

When initializing a raid 1, the controller wipes out all data according to the 
manuals. Every now and then you hear from people that say that the controller 
copies everything from disk1 to disk2 and if your IDE controller sector 
mapping matches what the 3ware controller does, you can keep your data in 
tact. Unfortunately noone can tell me what controllers would work and what I 
am doing wrong. I've tried that twice and it didn't work for me though, so 
from my point of view, what you want to do, isn't going to work...


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