[CentOS] Some 3Ware questions

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Sep 9 22:09:33 UTC 2005

Peter Arremann <loony at loonybin.org> wrote:
> When initializing a raid 1, the controller wipes out all
> data according to the manuals. Every now and then you hear 
> from people that say that the controller copies everything
> from disk1 to disk2 and if your IDE controller sector 
> mapping matches what the 3ware controller does, you can
> keep your data in tact.

Actually, for RAID-1, 3Ware does _not_ using additional
blocking/organization, and does a direct mirror.  I.e., the
disks _can_ be used "normally."

For RAID-0, 10 and 5, 3Ware uses 32KiB blocking and the
volumes are completely _unusable_ by anything else AFAIK
(maybe LVM2-MD?).

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