[CentOS] Does a list of compatible motherboards

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Mon Sep 12 03:43:30 UTC 2005

When I do an install, it gets to where it is trying to load the 
installer (cannot remember the exact verbage) where it pauses for about 
30 seconds.  Then I get the panic and it has something to do with 

This is done with the RAID disabled and the disk pair plugged into into 
the non-RAID ATA socket.

All works fine with RH 9.   Does it have anything to do with Celeron 2.2 
on the board?  Someone told me that it may be due to the fact that some 
Intel chips are threaded.

I had no problem with an old Pentium III board.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated; especially since I seldom need 
to "look under the hood".

Paul wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 14:31 -0700, Todd Cary wrote:
>>Unfortunately RH only indicates assembled servers rather than
>>motherboards.  Mine is assmbled by me and I would like to replace the
>>motherboard with one that is compatible.
>What issue where you having?
>I looked at the the specs Intel 845PE and Highpoint HPT372 all should be
>compatible with CentOS 4.1.  The RAID won't work on the HPT372 since
>it's a "Fake RAID" controller (had one on a KT7-RAID that I used just as
>IDE channels), but it should be recognized as just an extra IDE adapter.
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