[CentOS] New to the list and one quick question

Mike Kercher mike at CamaroSS.net
Tue Sep 13 02:14:26 UTC 2005

centos-bounces at centos.org <> scribbled on Monday, September 12, 2005 6:53

> Hi all,
> Let me start off with a little back ground.  I am running
> right now RH9 fully updated on a Dell PowerEdge 1600SC with
> 512megs of Ram, 18G SCSI HD.  I run this at home so this is
> no critical server, unless you ask my girls when I have it
> down, I have been debating on upgrading to Fedora until I
> started looking at CentOS. I have download the ISO and burned
> them with X-CD-Roast.  Here is my question:
> I tried running the mediacheck on the cd's and it would lock
> up right before the media check screen appears.  I have
> googled and tried the ide=nodma and other options, but to
> still no avial.  I also ran memtest86, now here is where the
> kicker is.  It did show there was some errors, and these I
> will check out.  But I then got a wild idea and pulled out my
> 1st CD of RH9, dropped it into the CD drive and at the boot
> prompt ran media check.  RH9 disk 1 checked out fine, so I
> dropped in the CentOS disk 1 and ran it.  It checked out fine
> and so did all the rest of them. Is this a vaild test??  Or
> am I just blowing in the wind here??  Thanks for any input
> into this matter!!
> Lee Perez
> Still learning!!!

I've never trusted the media check.  I ran it once a few years ago on some
CD's I burned and they failed the test, yet the install went in without
incident.  I'd just burn and turn :)


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