ppc questions (was Re: [CentOS] CentOS 4U2 timing.)

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Thu Sep 15 13:24:44 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Ed Clarke wrote:
>> The ppc64 arch is likely to become much more important once the 
>> Sony-Toshiba-IBM processor
>> gets into consumer hands. The new Sony playstation is supposed to use it 
> We will have a ppc64 installer out in time with CentOS 4.2. We already 
> have a  ppc distro tree[1] that installs and runs fine on Apple Mac / 
> IBM 32bit Power Machines.
> [1] presently in beta stage, since we are building this to work with 
> and continue to work with ppc32 hardware ( which RHEL does not do ).

The 32bit PPC release is for the older G3/G4 macs, no?  I've got a pile 
of unused G4 400-800mhz powermacs just sitting around that I'd love to 
get some use out of, but I don't think they'd be very responsive with 
OSX tiger.  My children's school has a lab full of Macs so I'm wondering 
if I donated the machines, installed CentOS and then volunteered some 
time each week to train someone how to maintain them, that might be 
better than having them collect dust at the office.

As for PPC64, has anyone done benchmarking between a ppc64 and OSX 
system on the same G5 hardware?


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