ppc questions (was Re: [CentOS] CentOS 4U2 timing.)

Karl Banasky karl at heatcon.com
Fri Sep 16 06:27:26 UTC 2005

I would look in to thin clients.  Like the K12 project ( 
http://k12ltsp.org/contents.html ) You can use them there and give Open 
source learning to the young minds. 

Chris Mauritz wrote:

> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Ed Clarke wrote:
>>> The ppc64 arch is likely to become much more important once the 
>>> Sony-Toshiba-IBM processor
>>> gets into consumer hands. The new Sony playstation is supposed to 
>>> use it 
>> We will have a ppc64 installer out in time with CentOS 4.2. We 
>> already have a  ppc distro tree[1] that installs and runs fine on 
>> Apple Mac / IBM 32bit Power Machines.
>> [1] presently in beta stage, since we are building this to work with 
>> and continue to work with ppc32 hardware ( which RHEL does not do ).
> The 32bit PPC release is for the older G3/G4 macs, no?  I've got a 
> pile of unused G4 400-800mhz powermacs just sitting around that I'd 
> love to get some use out of, but I don't think they'd be very 
> responsive with OSX tiger.  My children's school has a lab full of 
> Macs so I'm wondering if I donated the machines, installed CentOS and 
> then volunteered some time each week to train someone how to maintain 
> them, that might be better than having them collect dust at the office.
> As for PPC64, has anyone done benchmarking between a ppc64 and OSX 
> system on the same G5 hardware?
> Cheers,
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