[CentOS] CentOS 4U2 timing.

Pasi Pirhonen upi at iki.fi
Thu Sep 15 13:44:18 UTC 2005


On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 08:53:40AM -0400, Ed Clarke wrote:
> Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> >s390, s390x to CentOS-3/4 with alpha and upcoming sparc64 for CentOS-4
> >is something to be totally ignored? I even offered to make ppc64, but
> >there seems already be project for that so i don't touch it.
> > 
> >
> The ppc64 arch is likely to become much more important once the 
> Sony-Toshiba-IBM processor
> gets into consumer hands. The new Sony playstation is supposed to use it 
> and I have seen Linux
> running on at least the simulator.  This is an extremely powerful chip - 
> similar to an eight way SMP
> ppc.

As there is some 'real iron' laying around to make it on iron that it's
ment to run (CentOS-4 i mean), i am not pushing myself on this ppc64.
I'd done it end of April myself (week after i got my dual G5 which is
able to make the ditsro, but not install it as ment to be for IBM
hardware). I made myself a little G5-distro so i can re-install in case
of accidentally trashing my G5 installation to nonbootable stage.

I kind of did it hard way as i just assume YellowDog-4 being suitable
for this hardware. After installation i just realized that it was 'all
32bit' - damn!. Some thinking, forcing in 64bit kernel. some more
--force installing RPMS i had a working 64bit system. Took few days to
figure out how packages should be built on that weirs 64/32bit system,
but after that i've mostly just been idling that box waiting for
CentOS-4 _official_ ppc64 release (part of why i wanted to take the
sparc64-project is that i'd like to see guys finnishing the ppc64
instead of involving something else :)

The funny part, which will make all the OsX people cream and tell i am
crasy, is that my G6 has never ever booted OsX (if that is not done at
factory). I just took the SATA-frive out before even powering the box up
and replaced it with blank SATA-drive :)

But then again, i really don't know if it's worth of it when there are
clueless people screaming 'Johnny *is* CentOS' at maling lists. Maybe
just ignore those ignorant people and carry on :)

So there is some background for why there isn't, at least from me, as
CentOS-4/ppc64 - would be doable, but it's not my project. Even tho
i've given my pure 64bit userland for usage to make the ppc64 reality

Pasi Pirhonen - upi at iki.fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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