[CentOS] Capturing audio streams with Linux?

Sean O Sullivan seanos at seanos.net
Thu Sep 15 22:12:03 UTC 2005

dan.trainor wrote:
> Great, we appreciate it.  That'll cut down at least half of the volume.
> Just answer the questions.  Do give honest advice.  Do not flame.  Do
> use soap.  Do not preach Christianity.  Do not tell right from wrong.
> Do use real-world examples of where your suggestion would be applicable.
>  Do contribute, but remember that you're talking to people, too.  Give
> us a chance, and we'll return the same promptness and courtesy that I
> have seen you contribute this list for quite a while now.
> Your input is greatly appreciated, but your switch offensive/defensive
> attitude is not.

This is the sort of mail I view as 'spam', thrash, and an utter waste.

Bryan's mails have content, a point, and a huge volume of information 
(for better or worse). They are one of the few mails I bother to read on 
this list, as it's quite obvious he knows what he is talking about - and 
  anything I've seen posted is of use (or I could view it as having 
possible use at some point).

Mails bitching about people who bother to reply, and the fashion in 
which they reply however, are trivial, and have no purpose/point - 
meaning I have the same belief in this email.

The topics on this list should be CentOS-based, yes, however as with any 
list, there is a certain amount of off-topic posts - however I think 
once their kept technical, they can be as interesting and informative 
(useful) as any on-topic post.

If everyone was to have their opinion made as a rule, there would be no 
postings on this list, as I'm sure nearly every post on the list, will 
piss off at least one person.

So hows about leaving the bitchy/non-technical/trivial posts off the 
list - if you have something to contribute to the topic on hand, posting 
is great to see, if your posting however, purely to point out a fault in 
someone's grammar/spelling/attitude, I think it would be best to do it 



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