[CentOS] Re: plan of action?

Preston Crawford me at prestoncrawford.com
Fri Sep 16 14:44:15 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 10:31 -0400, Chris Mauritz wrote:
> William Warren wrote:
> > That's bad to hear.  I use CentOS here.  I just filter out the noise. 
> > All mailing lists have issues from time to time.  I have yet to not 
> > have a question answered in a nice manner personally.
> >
> Same here.  The system is a joy to use, support on the list is generally 
> prompt.  It's unfortunate that you chose a "bad hair day" to judge the 
> quality of the list readership.  If you filter out the vanishingly small 
> number of blowhards, the S/N is actually rather high.
> And if you use RHEL at work, CentOS will be a walk in the park.

That's a good point. Part of the reason why I have a good impression of
the list is frankly because I don't read it verbatim. Don't have to.
RHEL is so familiar that most of the time I just use the OS and scan the
list for anything interesting. I think it would be a shame to throw the
baby out with one day's dirty bathwater. 

Part of a good distro is a good community, but the distro, thanks to Red
Hat and the hard work of Johnny, etc. stands on its own two feet as


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