[CentOS] plan of action?

Ian mu mu.llamas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 15:01:02 UTC 2005

For what its worth, I've lurked in the background most of the time rading 
mails and generally thinking about unsubscribing recently, thats not because 
I dislike Centos or anything, far from it, I just think over the past months 
its got to a stage where some change needs to happen, just mainly down to 
the sheer volume of mails on the list now per day.
 Personally I think the centos forums could be redone, I switch between 
Centos and Ubuntu depending on what I'm doing at the time, and their forums 
are amazing for help (whereas I think Centos forums are awful and never use 
them at all and actually puts people off using it if anything), and I think 
the same would benefit Centos. A general decent faq, sticky threads for 
common problems, you don't have to read bitch threads and can subscribe to 
forums/threads if you so choose.
 I think there's only so much you can get out of a mailing list, and 
shouldn't be a deciding factor for using a dist or not as if anything its a 
victim of its own success in my view, but its worth trying to head things in 
the right direction also when problems do occurr.

 On 9/16/05, Todd Cary <todd at aristesoftware.com> wrote: 
> Let me start by saying that this forum has been extremely helpful for
> me. I am not sure where I would place myself as far as Linux
> experience/qualifications, since I believe there are many like me out
> there (or maybe I am hoping there are) that do not exactly fit into the
> routine beginner, intermediate or expert classes. Over the last 30
> years I have been writing DBMS applications that manage 60-70% of the
> national class action lawsuits, and being a DBMS oriented programmer,
> does not out of necessity, expose me to what's under the hood. My
> concern is that the OS works.
> So, every few years I reinstall an upgraded OS for my Windows server and
> my Linux servers in my home office. Then I just let them run. For
> Linux, many questions arise that underlines something I have learned
> over the years: Linux administrators need to understand computers in
> general and the OS in particular at a very detailed level. Not as true
> for Windows administrators. I tried by taking a course on Linux admin
> at a local JC, but only had reinforced how much there is to know and how
> I respect those that administer Linux systems.
> The result is that I try to get the nswers from the many Linux books I
> have, but asking those of you that have contact daily with Linux more
> times than not gives me salient answers to my questions.
> All I can say is a BIG THANK YOU for your patience and willingness to
> help. And maybe an apology is needed for asking about YUM, but I just
> wanted to know (briefly) why some of the Linux Admins do not like it
> (for me, it is just great). After a few replies the question was
> adequately answered...for me, it did not take the remainder of replies.
> Todd
> Robert wrote:
> >greetings,
> >
> >can someone(s) in authority please come up with a plan(s) of action in
> >regards to this list medium?
> >
> >unfortunately this list has pretty much reached the point of no return 
> and
> >has become virtually useless.
> >
> > - rh
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