[CentOS] Re: plan of action?

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Mon Sep 19 12:12:34 UTC 2005

On 15/9/05 9:24 pm, in article 20050915202437.EB1C3F3C270 at mail.centos.org,
"Robert" <roberth at abbacomm.net> wrote:

> can someone(s) in authority please come up with a plan(s) of action in
> regards to this list medium?
> unfortunately this list has pretty much reached the point of no return and
> has become virtually useless.

Usenet newsgroups suffer from problems -- like off topic threads and
abusive/trolling individuals -- which can also hit high traffic email lists
like this one.

Newsreader software has adapted with features like thread- and user-based

You can subscribe to this email list as a newsgroup (NNTP) feed via
gmane.org. It's free, and you can still post. I recommended it.

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